Know About Popular Video Editing Software

There you can find lots of video editing software floating around the web. These software tools come with different features, price points and some of them are actually difficult to use also. Whether you are a novice or professional, you can easily take the advantage of wealth of good software out there. Now this article is going to give you a quick overview on popular video editing tools like Adobe Premier, Final Cut pro, IMovie and Magix.

Know About Popular Video Editing Software

Adobe Premier Elements is one of the most sophisticated products in regard to video editing software. Priced roughly around $100-$150, this software allows you to capture from different sources including the .VPB format found in DVDs and at the same time you can also export video and playback in several different formats. It comes with all the editing features like trim, cut, join, transitions and titles. With the help of this software you can easily edit and create DVDs with proper burner tool. This particular software comes with wide number features within a very inexpensive budget. If you are looking for entry level video editing software, Adobe Premier Elements is the perfect tool that you should choose.

Final Cut Pro is the best video editing solution for the MAC users. This heavy duty and powerful video editing software costs $999 for a new edition and $299 to upgrade. As a user you will just love how this software runs and editing professionals consider it as a must have video editing software. The features of this software run through all the professional grade items. The automatic settings such as iChat theatre, Easy Export,full DVD support, limited Blue Ray support, Native AVC Intr support, ProRess Codecs, new time code window, Improved Markers, Automatic transfer, New Redcode log have made this software a must have tool for the editing professionals.

Apart from Adobe Premier Elements, there’s another entry level software called iMovie. Apple again moves forward with something that even teenagers are also considering it to be a very useful video editing tool. It allows you to create high quality videos. If you are using old MAC computer, you can get this product for as low as $79. The most useful features of this  software are image stabilization, editing control with precision editing, DVD integration, slow motion, green screen capabilities and so many other cool features that you won’t expect in an entry level software like this. Thi software comes pre loaded with all the new MAC computers.

The last software we are going to talk about is Magix. This professional level of video editing software costs only $100. It comes with 99 tracks of editing, full HD workflow, 5.1 audio dubbing, advanced and high end effects and DVD authoring etc. This tool is very easy to use and is a perfect solution for the people who are not ready to jump to more expensive software.

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