Practical video editing tips to make exciting home movies

Video editing is not only for professionals. You can consider it as a very exciting hobby; editing the footage you capture during everyday activities can make great home movies that are admired for decades to come. Looking at a well-made video that consists of memorable, lively clips of your family members and special moments is truly amazing. If you wonder how to make exciting home videos, here are some practical useful tips for you.


  1. You don’t need to purchase an expensive software

It is true that for professional video editing, you may need some expensive software tools. However, when it comes to editing home movies, there are plenty of open-source (free) video editing software to assist you. Despite the minor issues, a good free video editing software can serve your purpose perfectly. You don’t need to risk your computer security by downloading pirated copies; instead, try an open-source one (pirated copies of expensive software come with malware that can risk your computer security).


  1. Don’t make it too long

Making your movie too long is not a good approach at all. Try to emphasize the essence of the footage and keep the video short as much as possible. Go through the footage and pick the ones that are most interesting, fun and exciting. Line them up accordingly and keep your movie short. It is the best practice to keep your movie shorter than 4 minutes. Even the clips you use within the movie should be kept short. You need to trim the clips wisely and keep them short as much as possible.


  1. Don’t forget soundtracks

Unless you have a special audio to emphasize, you must add an appealing soundtrack to your video. It will be so nice to watch a home movie with an appropriate soundtrack. There are plenty of royalty-free soundtracks to download. Remember, these soundtracks can retain your audience’s attention on the clip. However, if the original audio of the footage is perfect, you may leave it as it is.


  1. Don’t spoil your video with weird transitions

Some of those who do home video editing use weird, fancy and silly transitions between the clips. Just because these options are offered in your video making software, you don’t have to use all of them; the transition effect you select must be compatible with the video and you must be able to create some sort of a theme. Apart from the transitions, selection of visual effects will create a huge impact on the quality of the video. Wild, too fancy visual effects will not match a home video unless there is an exception.


  1. Make use of the still images too

Although video footages are great, you can enhance the attractiveness of your movie by adding some still images, particularly when you make a home movie. Go through the collection of photos you have and select a couple of rare captures to add more value to the video you make.


Apart from creativity, experience matters when making videos. Once you are familiar with the subject and the tools of the selected software, you will be able to go for better video editing tasks.