vedio edit is the hope for stroke

Disease bring people pain, hopelessness, sadness and distress, emptiness. However, we can’t avoid disease if it really comes, butwe can try to throw pessimistic life away. I think hobbies and interests can bring diseased people real happiness.

David. E Miller, one of my best friend, who has developed a great interest in photography since he was 15 years old. Like 3 years ago, he suffered a stroke. Since then, sitting on a wheelchair became the most part of his life. The last thing he wanted to do is giving up photography. As a best friend of him, I tried to excite him by chatting with him online. I suggested that he could share his pictures on Pinterest or on other social networks, which also might bring him much pleasure. He did as what I told him to do.

Now he is really enjoying his days by sharing his art works and getting comments from people. I was really surprised by his video he made. He told me it was not a big thing to make a video. It all thanks to Magix video editing software which makes his work look unique and more interesting. In the following article, I will briefly introduce the functions of this video editing software.

Why You Should Go for Magix Movie Editing Software

Be it movies, television shows or commercials for your favorite product, getting the best video editing software is essential. If you’re searching for the ultimate way to bring your video productions to life, you need to look no further. Magix Movie Editing Software is all you need to create professional results you’ve always been looking for.

Compiled for both beginners and advanced users, the fabulous array of multiple features is hard to ignore. Let’s take a look at what benefits Magix Movie Editing Software has to offer and why it’s considered an excellent choice for movie editors.

Effects and menu design

Effects and menu design is an important element used for video editing. So how does the Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium compare? A whole range of effects is available with this software. This includes chroma key effects, HDR effects, color corrections and dynamic slow motion. Other than that, you can amalgamate the elements of music and images, create transitions with modern blur based technology and create 3D recordings without using a 3D camera. For DVD’s and Blu-ray, you can also splurge in on a whole variety of animated menu templates. This software is also capable of allowing the user to keep footage to view, later on, transform the shaky film into a more stable version and utilize a whopping 250 modern design templates.

Advanced tools

Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium is a class above the rest with its range of advanced video editing tools. This includes the feature of editing a 360-degree video. Those passionate movie makers having cameras with this technology can avail this. For those video editors on the go, Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium allows you to edit in any location and then transfer your edits from your smart phone to your PC. It’s pure convenience for those who don’t prefer to work from a desk all the time. The software’s multi-cam functionality allows you to sync up footage and switch between various angles too.

Media outputs

If you’re looking to share your edits to various media platforms, look no further. Magix Movie Edit Pro allows you to transfer your edits and share recordings to Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also directly transfer to your mobile devices, burn onto a disc, export to Wizard or your SD cards. This way, you are saved the stress of using multiple video portals and can avail the opportunity of sharing your material online faster.


Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium is versatile software as far as plug-in compatibility is concerned. Videos can be encoded very fast due to the 64-bit support, enabling effective use of RAM. Open FX support is another great added feature, where users can add Open FX plug-ins through the Open FX interface. All conventional video sources and formats can be utilized. Also, videos may be imported via DVD recorders, webcams, etc.

Today, Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium is considered as one of the best video editing software out there. With the various main features of the software being highlighted, it’s needless to say that this is a great option for video editors of all skill levels. It may take users a while to get an idea of the workings of the software as a whole, but it is sure to be worth it.